Uganda Primates Tours: Kibale and Ngamba Islands Sanctuary


Uganda is one of the best primate destinations with a great number of chimpanzees in its designated areas and most importantly Kibale forest national park being the mostly visited national parks for chimpanzee trekking and this is the major activity done within the park. Another being Budongo Forest with another amazing chimpanzee group ready to be tracked. Coming to your tours in Uganda is another way of hiding from stress since what is found here only satisfies the tourist needs and desires.

Kibale Forest National Park is located in western Uganda and it is 358km of drive from Kampala and this takes around 5-6hours to reach the park, this has got a tropical rain forest type which has enabled a number of primates to shrive around, this park is well located and it offers a conducive environment to the tourists once inside trekking around the trails. Kibale forest national park has got the largest numbers of chimpanzees and this makes it a number one stop for chimpanzee trekking and habituation within the park.

Chimpanzee trekking permits costs $150 and chimpanzee habituation permits costs $ 220 including guide fee, park entrance for that particular habituation day. Chimpanzee has got nearly the same genes with those of human beings and it’s believed that they have got a component of 98% DNA to those of people. This is one of the greatest amazing primates and they perform almost the same activities with what human beings do on a day to day life. Being near them cannot leave the visitors the same since they do jokes including beating themselves, running around as well as jumping on the backs of their mothers.

Another chimpanzee site area is the Budongo forest a forest within Murchison Falls National Park, visitors also travels to this place for chimpanzee trekking as they are also doing hiking around the park. These are mostly seen during rainy season as they stay near and visitors do not take much time of trekking as compared to dry seasons when food becomes scarce hence making the chimps to move long distances in search for food.

Ngamba island is also another place where visitors can spot these amazing chimps, the place is reached by a boat ride from Entebbe and this takes around 45minutes to reach the island. This is well equipped with refreshment stations and resting areas where visitors after a day’s activity take a rest. This is where you will get a chance to feed the baby chimps as well as seeing them in their natural habitants including cages where some chimps are protected after rescue. Taking photos here is another memorable experience.


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