Maasai Mara Safari Package – 4 Day

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Visit Kenya for Wildlife Safaris – 4 Days Visit to Maasai Mara National Reserve

Book for a 4 days safari package in Maasai Mara National Park with any of your desired tour agency such as the Eco Tours Kenya of which the agency will be there to book for your safari tour in a very proper manner and it ensures that you don’t get inconveniences in your tour plus providing you with a 4×4 vehicle of your own choice.

It is advisable to move in months of July to October if you are to enjoy the Park thoroughly well because it is in those months when the popular great Wildebeest migration occurs in the Park.

A 4 days Kenya safari package will help you to at least enjoy each of the best activities done in the Park and below is how you will enjoy your 4 days safari package in the Park;

1st Day:

Definitely this will be your arrival day in the park where you will use your hired 4×4 vehicle from the tour agency that you will have used for all your bookings.

The access to the Park can take you for almost 6 to 7 hours while driving from the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) and if you arrive earlier in the country, you can even decide to first have some detours in the city of Nairobi where you will visit many interesting places there such as Kenyan museums like the Nairobi nation museum of which it is the largest of all museums in Kenya and definitely it is Kenya’s national museum which even resides the remains of Kenya’s famous Turkana boy.

After your Nairobi city tours, you will then head to the Park and camp in one of the Park’s accommodations according to what will be booked for you by your tour agency.

2nd Day:

Most of the park’s accommodations consist of at least a restaurant which serves both local and international dishes therefore it is where you will have your meals from.

In the morning as the sun rises, you will therefore have a morning bath from the accommodation’s bathroom in your room and then have a cup of tea from the restaurant at your lodge or camp.

After having a cup of tea, you will then catch all your gadgets that you will use during your safari tour in the park.

Accessing the park is a mere pay of US$ 80 at the park’s gates as the entrance fee and I assure you that you will what everything that resides in the park.

Most spectacular is the great migration of Wildebeests and Zebras together with other wildlife species which move in an excessive number to access the park.

This great migration of over 1.5 million Wildebeests and thousands of Zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, Elands and Topis is viewed from the Mara River which exists in the park when the species are crossing the River to penetrate through the Park’s grounds.

Your day will be spent well in the park at Mara River when you are viewing a large number of Wildlife species trying to access the park and still at the shores of the River you will view a large concentration of Crocodiles and hippos thus getting a great time at the River.

As the sun sets, you will have to go back to your lodge or camp for refreshment from the lodge’s bar and swimming pool and then wait for the following day to perform other activities in the park.

3rd Day:

Like any other fresh day, you will have a morning personal hygiene like brushing your teeth and your body. After your hygiene, you will then go for a cup of coffee at the lodge’s restaurant and then head to park for the activities.

This time you will have to do many of the Park’s activities such as nature walks of which through it, you will come to see over 500 bird species which reside in the Park.

Through the game drives in the park, you will also have an excellent game viewing where you will see a variety of wildlife species including the Africa’s big five such as; African lions, African elephants, Rhinos, Cape buffaloes and the Leopards which also exist in the park in an excessive quantity.

In the same day as you are doing your game drives in the park, you will also spot many other wildlife species such as; Masai giraffes, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Bat-eared foxes, Large roan antelopes and many others.

4th Day:

On this day you will then access the Park for the balloon safaris which are also escorted by experienced experts who will ensure that you enjoy and have a great experience from the balloon safari.

Through the safaris, you will be viewing a variety of things as you are sailing high in the balloon envelope.

The aerial views of the entire Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, various wildlife species grazing as other are playing plus many others will be viewed as you are enjoying the flight of the balloon safaris in the park.

After the balloon safaris, your pilot will then descend down for meals after which you will visit the Masai people and enjoy their culture.

The Masai people will display their songs and dances together with their dressing styles all of which are so amazing. Since they are great cattle keepers, you will enjoy the cattle products such as milk, meat, yogurt and many others.


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