DR Congo Parks

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the popular exciting destinations to go for Safaris in the African continent popularly known for its wide range of different Wildlife Species offered including the shy endangered ground-dwelling herbivores species of both Mountain Gorillas and Eastern Lowland Gorillas plus other different stunning attractions on the list.

Another reason for the hike in its popularity is the possibility of being listed on the list of top three destinations which provide habitat to the World’s must-visit attraction popularly known as Gorillas.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is geographically located in the Central part of the African continent sharing borders with South Sudan in the North East, the Central African Republic in the North, Congo brazerville in the West, Angola in the South West, Zambia in the South , Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania in the East.

All its offered wide range of different Wildlife species is habited in its major tourist sites which include National Parks, Sanctuaries and Game reserves.