Rooftop Tent Car

Rooftop Tent Car

Many people enjoy taking their vacations to African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo to enjoy the top activities in those countries such as game drives and game viewing, gorilla treks, bird watching safaris, hiking, boat safaris, cultural experiences, nature walks, white water rafting at the source of River Nile (Africa’s longest river), and also splendid views of the unusual wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania, among other activities.

Due to the fact that very many individuals love visiting Africa, whoever wishes to visit any of the African country is therefore very much advised to do his/her bookings with any rental company in advance to avoid disappointments.

Exploring any of the African countries is more fun when you have your private car because you will be flexible and independent hence making things easier. However, since you have traveled to a new country and you cannot board with your own car, there are various authorized car rental companies in various African countries which specialize in hiring good quality car fleets for you to use on your African trip.

You will make a choice of a certain car fleet that you are interested in and exactly the one you can afford paying for because they are given out on different prices and remember they consume fuel differently. Therefore, make your car choice wisely as far as your wallet is concerned, take the one you can manage paying for, they are paid on a daily basis, and which you can afford fueling.

As already stated, financially identify yourself where you fall before choosing a given car fleet. If you are a low earner but you would also wish to enjoy the breathtaking safari activities in the top ranked African countries for such, there are budget ways to travel and also get the great African experiences. Traveling to Africa on budget, communicate well with your rental company to hire you with the rooftop tent car in Uganda that you can afford. Among the car fleets you can opt for include the Toyota Land Cruiser TZ as they are one of the most affordable ones yet are very comfortable too. If at all you know how to drive, mind moving with your driving license because it will reduce on your expenditure if you are to drive yourself than hiring a driver.

Make sure your driving license is valid because once it is out of date you won’t be able to drive in any African country and once caught driving using an invalid license you will surely face it rough. Also to decrease on the expenses, you can move with the possible essentials like GPS, and baby sitters such that you don’t pay the rental company to hire you some.

You should also weigh the prices for various rental companies and book with the one that offers best prices and can give you discount, especially when you are traveling for many days. The other vital thing to put emphasis on is that you should book your entire safari with one particular rental company instead of renting a car from another company and also book through another company for other necessities such as the gorilla permits and chimpanzee permits, as this will cost you much money than when you booked with one company. Most of the car rental companies can do all the necessities for your African trip including; offering you a car, booking for you accommodations, airport pickups, booking for you gorilla and chimpanzee permits plus many others.

While booking for the accommodations, let your agency book for you the ones you can afford because the Parks always comprise of budget, mid-range and luxury accommodations, all to meet your personal desires. There are also safe camping sites in the Parks, hence you can even decide to go camping, of which it will reward you more.
While traveling to Africa, you should also spot that specific country that will let you save money, for example; if you are going for a gorilla safari in Africa, know the country that sells cheaper gorilla permits and opt for that.

However you may also want to visit a particular country but when some of the activities you want to experience are expensive in that country but cheaper in the neighboring country, here you can tell your operator to plan for you an appropriate itinerary to enable you do the activities you want in your preferred country and then head to its neighboring country to perform the other activities on cheaper prices, for example the gorilla safaris are expensive in Rwanda (gorilla permit costs US$ 1500) and most tourists tend to do them in the neighboring Uganda where a gorilla permit costs US$ 600 after doing the other activities in Rwanda – it is less than a two hours’ drive from Rwanda to access the gorilla destination in Uganda.

In-other-words, you should travel to a destination that will not cost you a lot of money on your African trip but with rewarding experiences too which will make your trip so colorful – your operator will help you in identifying such places.