Discounted Rwanda Gorilla Safari in 2024

Gorilla tracking is one activity that is worth visiting, its one thing that can force you reach and experience the beauty of Volcanoes National Park by trekking through the forest has about seven familiarized gorilla groups that are visited by the tourist.

Rwanda has decided to extend the gorilla tour permit promotional rates to run till 31/12/2024 for all foreign travelers living Africa. A permit for foreign travelers not in Africa costs $1500 while a discounted permit for travelers who are Rwanda nationals and east African nationals is $200 yet for foreigners staying in Africa and African residents is $500.

During the low season in the months of April and may, 30% discount is offered to a gorilla permit. This applies to only tourists who pre-book two nights either in Nyungwe or Akagera or one night in each of these two parks.

Carry your passport with you as you head to the park headquarters for an early morning pre – tracking briefing by park officials. Your gorilla permits will be crosschecked with your passports to verify that you are the right owner of the permit. At this moment, you are expected to be ready with your packed lunch since no one is certain about the time you will take to see these gorillas.

Once all the above is done, you will be ready to go and You will be grouped in groups of 8 people maximum and each group is assigned one gorilla family to trek. Rwanda has 10 gorilla families, hence 10 groups of 8 people each are the ones allowed to track on a particular day.

You will head to the starting point marking it the start to the search of the apes. You will be escorted by two armed scouts one from behind and another from in front for security purposes. Ahead of you will be another group of guides who will guide you in the location of the apes for you to take the right directions.

It will take as little as 30 minutes to find your gorilla family and as long as five to seven hours locate them. Follow the lead of the guide as to the best path and form to take. If you need a break, let your guide know. It is also advisable that you carry with you some energy giving snacks and bottled mineral water to quench your thirst and give you more energy.

Endeavor to let your guide know your ability to carry luggage such that he may help you to hire a porter at the park gate. A porter is hired between $15 to $20 depending on what he is going to carry.

Once you are in contact withe apes, use the one hour perfectly. The trackers will often clear the brush with their machete so you can get a clearer and closer look at the gorillas. It is incredible how graceful and peaceful these animals are, especially considering their incredible size. You’ll be amazed when you see the silver backs (mature males) get up and move around showing control over the territory.

The gorillas may be feeding from the ground, resting, moving around or up in the trees playing about in the branches. Try to get yourself the best view for photographs and learn all their behaviour. Follow them in case they are moving but at a recommended distance which should be not shorter than 7 meters. The most important thing is you staying near your guide and following his instructions always.

Once you are done, descend to the headquarter for your trekking certificate and then lunch at your lodge. In the afternoon visit the IbyI’wacu cultural village.  The gorilla guardian village is among the most breathtaking places, loaded with beauty and many verdant hills that make Rwanda such a lovely country to visit. Despite Rwanda being smaller than its neighbours and having fewer natural resources, the government of Rwanda has managed to position its country as one of the top tourist destinations in Africa.

A group of ex-poachers were convinced to turn their back on their former lifestyle and create a traditional dance group that performs for visitors on a cultural village tour. Known as The Intore, or The Heroes, this ancient form of celebration is based on the victory dance of the Rwandan kings. When not watching the traditional dances and drumming performances, you can step into the traditional dwelling of the local king, watch an authentic medicine man preparing his herbal concoctions or try your hand at shooting the traditional weapon of bows and arrows.

One of Africa’s most dynamic and least well-known musical traditions, the Ballet of Rwanda is performed by the Intore, the chosen ones, and was at one time danced exclusively for the royal court.  The dance is performed by men dressed in grass wigs and carrying spears, who wear little tinkling bells on each foot, providing a ringing rhythm as the background music. The ‘Dance of Heroes’ is about returning warriors, celebrating victory in battle.

The guide will take you through some of the programs such as visiting the huts, tasting the local brew, marriage ceremony, storytelling, and rap it with hilarious, fantastic dancers and drummers, who will showcase their traditional dance before you, and you can join.

The IbyI’wacu cultural village gives tourists an opportunity to sit down with elders as they share information and tales about Rwanda’s rich history and traditions. Tourists are given a chance to see the local banana and vegetable plantations. Tourists also learn how to use a specialized milling stone to create fine millet flour or how to cook one of the local dishes.

A tour guide will take you to some of the nearby schools so you can engage with learners, and you will be taken through their local educational system. There are many local art galleries and stores selling handmade jewellery, woven clothing, exquisite pots, and other items that are fascinating pastimes during these neighbourhood strolls. After all is done back to Kigali for your flight back home.