Rwakobo Rock

Rwakobo Rock is located on a granite rock outside Lake Mburo National Park presenting midrange / standard accommodation for the Uganda safari undertakers visiting the park. It is 1km from Nshara gate.

Accommodation at Rwakobo rock is provided in thatched cottages with;

Solar lights

Flush toilets

Solar heated showers

Filtered drinking water

Rwakobo Rock facilities

Rain water catchment

Solar power

Solar water heaters

Solar refrigeration

Charging facilities

Slow Wi-Fi is available at the main area.


The Bar

Camp Fire

Rwakobo Rock

Set on a massive granite outcrop, just beside Lake Mburo National Park, the accommodation at Rwakobo is a variety of thatched cottages, with solar lights, flush toilets, solar heated showers and filtered drinking water, which blend into the natural landscape.  The rooms are dotted around the hill taking advantage of rocky ledges and private corners. Charging facilities and slow Wi-Fi are available at the main area.