Mount Gahinga Lodge

Mount Gahinga Lodge is positioned close to the entrance of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park presenting a perfect ground for gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking not forgetting other explorations like the Volcano climbing, the Batwa heritage trail and the nature walks in Mgahinga park.

Mount Gahinga Lodge is an upmarket / Luxury accommodation establishment that caters for the up class Uganda safari undertakers.

Mount Gahinga Safari Lodge

Mount Gahinga Lodge has the main building that contains a living area equipped with a warm central fire, outside terrace along with a spacious sun room that adjoins the living area to complete the tranquil and open style.

Every Banda at Mount Gorilla View Lodge is well renovated offering magical upmarket / luxury setting in the region.  Every room features a fire place along with an en suite bathroom, the showers and flush toilet. Each banda is accessed by following a short stroll matching through the expanse gardens the fill the lodge with life.

Mount Gahinga Lodge Facilities

Open fireplace

Restaurant and bar

Laundry service

Outdoor sitting area for bird watching, surrounded by wild plants

Solar power

A sunroom facing the volcanoes