Boomu Womens Group Bandas

Boomu Women’s Group Bandas is positioned at 13 miles from the town of Masindi on the southern border of Murchison Falls National Park close to Kichumbayobo gate.

It is a budget / basic accommodation arrangement which is an initiative of the Kigaragara community.

Accommodation is presented in Bandas built using traditional materials and featuring local architecture. Other accommodation means include camping.

The rooming arrangement feature;




Large space for large group stay

Facilities at Boomu Womens Group Bandas

Solar lighting from solar power and in the event of power-outages, we provide

Lanterns in case of power outages

Camping ground


Open air showers

Composite toilets

Hot water supply in jerry cans


Accommodation Rates at Boomu Womens Group Bandas

Bandas          55,000/=pp.

Camping       10,000/=pp.