Campi ya Kanzi

Campi ya Kanzi meaning ‘Camp of the hidden treasure’ is a community project with the local Maasai on their Group Ranch of 400-square miles. The land includes a number of different environments from the grasslands of the savanna to green river woodlands to cool mountain forests; and the volcanic Chyulu Hills flank the property.

The camp is centred with in Tembo House, which is the clubhouse at the heart of the camp, and is constructed of local materials such as lava rocks and grass for the roof, collected locally with high respect for the environment.

Tembo House is an open-plan dining and living room with a huge vista to many different views. It is open to the outdoors, and from its terrace you’ll have a spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tembo House has a large lounge where you can enjoy our books about Africa, relax with a refreshing drink after your safari, listen to classical music while watching wildlife drinking at the nearby waterhole, and much more. Italian and Maasai décor are tastefully combined.

The cooks have been trained in the preparation of fine Italian cuisine, which is featured along with international and local dishes.

Campi ya Kanzi offers accommodation in six luxury tented cottages, Hemingway and Simba tented suites, and Kanzi House. Each cottage or suite enjoys a different view, and accommodates one or two guests.

An extra bed can be added for a child. Four of the tented cottages feature twin beds, and the remaining two cottages and the suites have a king-size bed, all with feather mattresses and specially made linens imported from Italy. The tented cottages and the suites are conveniently located, with ample distance from one to the other, to guarantee every guest’s privacy.

If you prefer the privacy of a villa in the bush, then Kanzi House is ideal. Kanzi House accommodates a maximum of 10 guests, in three double rooms and two twin rooms. It features a Jacuzzi for four and a large swimming pool. It is bookable only by a single party at a time.

Campi ya Kanzi is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Over and above the big game and plains game the area offers many rare and interesting species such as the wild dog, fringe-eared oryx, lesser kudu, gerenuk, black rhino and cheetah. There also are more than 400 bird species on the Ranch.

The camp is a joint venture between Luca Belpietro, Antonella Bonomi and the local Maasai. Luca and Antonella live in the camp permanently; a team of more than 65 local Maasai assist them. Regardless of which accommodation you will choose, we are committed to make your safari experience with us the most memorable vacation of your life.


Swimming Pool

Indoor Fireplace

Restaurant on Premises

Languages Spoken


    Campi Ya Kanzi – Luxury Tented Cottages

Sleeps 3

Includes: All Meals

Rooms / Units: 6 luxury tented cottages each accommodate between one and two guests; however an extra bed can be added for a child.

Features:  Twin beds, King beds, En-suite, Balcony/patio, No Smoking in Rooms

    Campi Ya Kanzi – Hemingway and Simba Suites

Sleeps 3

Includes: All Meals

Rooms / Units: 2 two tented suites each enjoy a different view, and accommodates one or two guests however an extra bed can be added.

Features:  King beds, En-suite, Balcony/patio, No Smoking in Rooms