Kirindy Mitea National Park

The Kirindy Mitea National Park is a national park on the coast of the Mozambique Channel, in south-west Madagascar.

The 72,200 hectares (178,000 acres) park contains many endemic animals and plants and claims to have the greatest density of primates in the world.


The national park is situated on the south-west coast of the Mozambique Channel and includes a marine area with seven small islands. It is in the Menabe Region near Belo sur Mer and Morondava and is surrounded by the Maharivo River and Lampaolo River.

The entrance to the park is 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of Morondava. During the warm, dry season from March to November, much of the wildlife is hibernating, the vegetation is brown and the trees are leafless.

Animals and plants come to life in the rainy season when temperature can reach 40 °C (104 °F).

The dominant ethnic group in the area is the Sakalava people.

Flora and fauna

There are a wide range of ecosystems due to reserve being in an area where southern and western biotypes meet. Within the park is the largest remaining area of dry deciduous forest, tropical dry forest, spiny forest, beaches and sand-dunes, mangroves and coral reefs.

One hundred and eighty-five species of plants have, so far, been recorded, among them three species of baobab, as well as seven species of mangrove trees.

In this park are found eleven species of mammals of which ten are endemic. Among them are the Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur (Microcebus berthae), the smallest primate in the world, which is only known from this park. Also the fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox), Madagascar’s largest predator and the lemurs only predator (apart from people).

Other mammals endemic to the Menabe region include the giant jumping rat (Hypogeomys antimena) and the narrow-striped mongoose (Mungotictis decemlineata). There are also forty-seven species of birds (thirty-three endemic) and twenty-three species of reptiles.

Kirindy supports eight species of lemur:

Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur – Microcebus berthae

Red-fronted brown lemur – Eulemur rufifrons

Pale fork-marked lemur – Phaner pallescens

Grey mouse lemur – Microcebus murinus

Coquerel’s dwarf lemur – Mirza coquereli

Fat-tailed dwarf lemur – Cheirogaleus medius

Red-tailed sportive lemur – Lepilemur ruficaudatus

Verreaux’s sifaka – Propithecus verreauxi

Lokobe Reserve

Lokobe Reserve is a nature reserve in northwestern Madagascar. It is located on southeastern side of Nosy Be, an island off the coast of Madagascar. It is known for its black lemurs and the beautiful Nosy Be panther chameleon.